3 years behind, and 3 updates ahead

The launch of Heroes Guard: The Journal in 2016 was exciting as it jumped top 100 in both Apple and Google app stores!


Soon it will be nearly 3 years since the launch of Heroes Guard: The Journal… and we are gearing up for a few big updates this year:

  • Over 50,000 words of new content: Adding more diversity to each playthrough. Currently going through editing - almost there!

  • Daily Diaries: A new game mode that introduces a new short-story each day

  • Tarot Reading: A focus on improving the look & feel of the card game

And last but not least, we’ll be looking to get Heroes Guard: The Journal onto Steam Early Access! How well the game is received in the PC market will likely drive future updates - including the much requested feature of increasing the length of a single playthrough.