Beta Progress: Week 1

Heroes Guard: The Journal launched its first beta, and we had over 100 people sign up!

The most important thing you can do is watch someone play your game. Since that isn't possible for the beta, the next best thing is: analytics!

With analytics, the actions a player takes are stored online to be analyzed and monitored. This allows me to tell if players are struggling at winning the card game, are starving on gold, or aren't using certain items. 

Let's see how players are doing this week....

Starting Stats

The average starting stats for each player.

Combat Score

The average scores at the end of combat.

Player's Gold

The average gold that is won, spent, and stolen.

Not too bad. This is pretty spot on where I want it to be:

  • Players aren't hoarding up a particular stat, it's pretty distributed.
  • Players are winning combat, but not by a landslide.
  • Players aren't getting too much gold stolen, just enough to be penalized.
  • Players are spending money, but they could probably use a few more opportunities to do so

At 30,000 words and 21 different spells, items, and companions: just how long of an experience is the demo?

Average Playtime: 27 minutes

Wow! A playtime of 27 minutes. Considering there are 2 weapons to master, 2 types of magic to learn, and around 300 story-altering choices... there is at least 10 hours of replay value! Awesome.

But are players finding it fun? Are they willing to actually pay for this experience?

Did you enjoy the game?

What would you pay?

I'm very happy with these numbers! The price point I am going for is within reach, and large portion of players really enjoyed the game. But the game is very niche, so I don't expect to rope everyone in...

Still a long ways to go for full release, but I think Heroes Guard: The Journal is on the right path. A big Thank You to everyone who have supported me or have participated in the beta so far!