It's almost time for Beta!

Heroes Guard: The Journal is nearly ready for its very first beta! 

I'm excited and ever-so nervous to get it in front of real fans of the genre. Every alpha build has gone wonderful, and I could never be more thankful for my friends, family, and followers for the great feedback they have provided so far!

What does beta mean for Heroes Guard? Well, the game is only half-polished - initially focusing on ensuring the story aspects are working as attended for launch. The card combat portion will be the focus for Beta #2. Not to mention, a lot more content is expected for full release!

I'll specifically be reaching out to well-known communities in the interactive fiction world  in hopes of collecting their love or hate of the game.

This whole process has been nerve-racking and wonderful at the same time.  Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey!

You can sign-up for beta here!