Help to fill a living journal with tales of your adventuring days...


Within this journal you recount your adventures.

In A Hero's Journal you are a weary and weathered adventurer. All of your questing and dungeon plundering days are behind you - but that doesn't mean the stories and hardships need not live on! By filling out this journal you will allow some of your greatest feats... and failures... to live on as campfire and bed time stories.

Luckily you still have the same map you relied on so long ago... 

But as you explore the map you will also need to explore your memory as some of what occurred is a bit fuzzy. You will encounter many stories and will have to make many choices. 

Sometimes just because you wanted to do something, doesn't mean you were able to do something. Your traits often play a part in the fate of your decisions. Do you have enough intelligence to figure out how to create a pulley? Enough strength to knock down a locked door? Or enough charisma to coerce a town guard out of arresting you for knocking down the treasurer door and using a pulley to hoist out a valuable gold statue?


Release Date

January 2015


  • iOS
  • Android

  • A Story-driven game, where the story is driven by you.
  • Make choices that depend on
    • equipment you have
    • skills you've acquired
    • and self-defining characteristics.
  • You had the opportunity to purchase, plunder, and scour - did you retire with a powerful or valuable heirloom?
  • Once you have finished your journal... did you remember everything correctly?
    • For every choice there are a series of random possibilities - no play-through will be the same as the last!